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Yes it is (or was).
Or he burned 'em.Seriously though, I found many of the colors odd, but the ties were of decent quality if I remember correctly. If you think about it, that is what these swaps will be - no one puts in ties they love, they put in decent quality (one hopes) ties that just don't work with their suits.
Sure seems to be a matter of personal preference. Like everything, I guess. I find loafers to be the most versatile shoe I own - I wear them with khakis, jeans, suits and shorts three seasons of the year.
That would be me - about a month ago at this point. Here are the pics I took. At this point I can't remember most of the brands - 1 Kent Wang, 1 RLBL, not sure of the rest.
What do I need to look for in pattern matching for pin stripe suits? It seems some of mine match quite well at the shoulder (i.e front to back all the stripes line up) and some do not (i.e one of the stripes lines up, but the others do not. I assume this is because the fabric is cut at a slight angle perhaps to accommodate matching in another area like the darts. Am I off here, or can I expect decent matching all around?
You can give FedEx permission to leave any packages going forward. I also think you can instruct them where to leave it if you are not home (back porch, etc.).
And why is he walking down the middle of the road?
The Box was confirmed delivered by the USPS on November 22nd. I don't know much more than that. If anyone knows WRAdvisor, feel free to contact him.As to the quality of the box when it reached me, I thought it was fine. I took the Wang grenadine, mainly because for some reason I don't have a navy grenadine, and none of the other ties were to my taste - either in terms of color or width. I added three ties - a Paul Stuart, BB and Dunhil. The Paul Stuart is pretty new...
Everyone should watch this as a cautionary tale - tape, glue, silicone "perma-crease mixture!"
Did WRAdvisor ever get this box?
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