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Probably because it has been done several times before, but what the hell, I'll bite. In no particular order:1) Blue Blazer - the one I am wearing the most is BB patch pocket, three button.2) Brown Herringbone Tweed Jacket. Mine is Polo (Made in Italy - Corneliani, I think).3) Grey Flannel Suit - Again my go to is BB Fitzgerald.4) Blue and White Striped OCBD - BB5) White Spread color shirt - BB Slim fit6) Rep Striped ties - Atkinson for Sid Mashburn7) APC New Standard...
Anyone have any insight on when the next winter sale will be? Usually mid-January I think.
An image of the mob scene at the first BB sale (Thanks, Vox)
BG and Barneys in NYC are both great, but perhaps overwhelming. For a smaller store where you would be able to outfit yourself from head to toe (not sure if they carry underwear) it has to be Sid Mashburn. Maybe it's that the style there fits my personal style almost perfectly (perhaps it has influenced my personal style is more the case), but I could wear 95% of the clothes and accessories Sid carries and be perfectly happy. I really can't say that about any other...
This is about right. I have a few and while I like the designs, they are really too narrow to wear with most of my suits.
Most good advice is.
Sid is The Man, and I agree about the pants!I like to include in my outfit one element that no one else wears - maybe socks or tie or watchband. It might cause a second look, but would not seem inappropriate.
Can anyone comment on the width? I am interested in the Franklin dirty buck wingtip. I have a wide foot and generally need an E, but some Ds will do. Looks like I can try them on if I can get to Neiman or Saks, but thought I'd ask here first.
Thanks this is helpful and makes perfect sense. What about other areas. The pockets are an obvious one, but what about the lapels? Do you look for symmetry?
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