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I like to buy ties on sale and will wait some out to do that, but I firmly believe that the time to buy something you love it when you see it, so, yes, I will pay $125+
Well put, and I have to say I agree with just about all of what you said, Holdfast. Keeping this to tailored clothing / business wear, which I wear about three days a week, my general philosophy is that everything should be appropriate, but some items should be unexpected. I work in marketing for the financial services field. It's a conservative field and I wear pretty conventional suits. They may not be of higher quality than many of my peers, but I know they are...
Sure they are. When new they are a bit stiff, but they soften up nicely. They are cut pretty full and not slim, but a tailor can take care of that if you like.
Yeah. Kind of funny though, whoever it is.
Yeah, I sent it. I PM'd him and heard nothing. I assume others did the same. I am not in the business of outing anyone, so I am content to let this lie, though this whole thing pisses me off. Irate Customer sent me WRA's info, so maybe he has some ideas.
If we are including period pieces (which, of course Mad Men is), then Boardwalk Empire should be near the top. I especially like the secondary characters, as Steve Buscemi is often a bit too flamboyant for many tastes. Suits, I believe, by Marten Greenfield.
I suppose you could, but it is best to wear them with a shirt. Kidding - you will get two views here - "Never" (most likely the prevailing view) and "sure, why not." I come down on the latter.
Yeah. Buy the best tie you can afford. Brooks Brothers on sale - basic stripe or pattern. Nothing flashy.
I find it interesting that many people who cover fashion (like Bill Cunningham, French blue workman's jacket, as mentioned) and those who influence it, like Jim Moore at GQ (dark suit, dark tie), have very basic uniforms even though they are clearly enamored by fashions of the times.
Absolutely. I did it on many less expensive pants when I lost some weight.
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