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Exactly. Jacket too long on MC and the SW&D 'inner jacket" hanging down looks, to my eye, rather foolish; although I guess I get what he is trying to do. I certainly have a bias in that I don't like untucked button up shits, even (especially?) flannel, so I will go with MC on this despite the long suit coat.An interesting comparison would be for F.C./Vox to pick two looks that he thinks are close to perfect for the day and see what everyone has to say, rather than...
Nice synopsis of the party:
Yeah, and I thought the mini-dress she wore at the party would be the high water mark of that episode.I liked the range of clothes at the party as well - the younger people in more casual clothes and the older ones in jacket and tie. I liked Pete's madras and thought Harry's lime green (I think it was) mock was pretty atrocious, but spot on with what he seems to be turning into. The whole party seemed to have a swinging sixties vibe to it that I am guessing will be a...
Bumping to get me in the mood for Season 5. 1966 here we come.
Paging Mr. Sam.
summer scarves
Just a thought, but can't a competent tailor take out the buckle or whatever on your favorite tie and customize to your size. I know tie crafters, for example, can resize long ties.
There are a lot of Boston Tailor threads, so I am not going to start a new one. A great, old school tailor has recently relocated to Brookline. Brookline Tailoring Plus - 3 Kendall Street, just off Cypress, behind Kirkman's Market. The owner/operator is Mark Aroush, who sold his shop in Cambridge (Aroush's Tailoring - 864 Mass Ave) about two years ago. I believe that shop has changed hands a couple of times since. Mark is a true old-school tailor who wants to keep...
OK, so how about Star Fleet Intelligence or Kobayashi Maru victory.
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