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Seems to me to be the "all things to all people" strategy that has worked so well for Ralph Lauren (among others). Sell the giant Polo logo'd shirts by the truckload to subsidize a smaller luxury line (*PL, BL, the nicer Polo stuff) along with good quality denim. BB is also selling things in other department stores now - Barneys carries Black Fleece, and I was quite surprised to see BB #1 striped ties in an independent men's store in Memphis, TN not long ago.
Yes. Wear pink if you want. No one is going to see them unless you take home a waitress.
OK, Now you have got me thinking. I have a large leather ottoman that has some scuffs on it that I've wondered what to do about. It sounds like 1) clean with leather lotion and 2) touch up with recoloring cream. If I get brown and cognac, could I mix them to attempt to match the shade of brown? Is there a place where I can see an accurate depiction of each color? I think I might enjoy this project.
It's a decent drop, but should not be too much of a problem if you have the suit pants taken in. I am guessing 44 suits come with 36 waist pants. The question I would ask is are you certain you are a 44L. Try on a 42L and see how it feels. Most guys buy their suits too large as they think they should be roomy in the shoulders.
Overall it looks very nice. I'll echo some other comments - pants a bit too long, shirt sleeve a bit too short, though the jacket seems perfect.
I have nothing bad to say about O'Connells. Everything I have ordered has come with a hand written note from Ethan (the owner's son, I believe), and I have spoken to him and his father on the phone when I've had questions about fit, etc. They are very nice and very helpful. If you have a problem, I'd call them and I bet they will resolve it to your satisfaction.
Both fine. Colors good. Jermyn's shoes seem a little formal for those pants (a common gripe of mine with many MC casual looks), and I would have the pants hemmed rather than turn them up myself. For me the pocket square is a bit much (legs on a snake, jumping the shark, whatever). Hendrix is fine for what is basically a take on t-shirt and jeans. Less to go wrong, and less did.
Short. I'd say it should come to just above your knee.
Point taken.
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