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Rock on, Manton! SF has been great for the last week! I have struggled finding "decent non-chino khakis." Could you be more specific about what you think is best in this area?
JFK with the bottom suit button fastened. I know, I know - he wore a back brace and needed to cover it up. It still makes the jacket pull in a strange way.
Not my favorite look, but at least the first and third seem to have some texture to them which makes them less objectionable. That Zegna on the end looks pretty blah to me.
I was in Paris last week and was quite surprised at the prevalence of this look on businessmen around the city. It seems to have become quite common in London as well.
No grey for me. Prefer blue or tweed in the winter.
Reading through this I realize how few non-rule rules I have. I will wear button downs or loafers with a suit, albeit rarely. I prefer spread collars, but that's because I think they suit my face best. I will be adventuresome with a tie with a suit, but rarely with socks. Pretty conservative colored argyle are about as out of the box as I get. I wear bluchers exclusively with a suit, but largely because I have a high arch and oxfords just don't fit me well. I have...
This forum is all about nitpicking. If you don't like them send them back. They look off to me as well.
Australians look like they all just won the Masters. Germans are "Born to Walk Wild?" What the hell does that even mean?
I think BB has consistently missed the mark whenever they have gone too far outside of their traditional suit and blazer comfort zone. Much of the preppy / business casual stuff is OK, if a bit oversized, but try to find anyone under 40 wearing their golf and tennis sportswear. I'm too old for the Brooks Brothers U (or whatever they are calling it) line directed at the college crowd, but I just can't see it selling. Again, I am not the demographic, but it strikes me as...
Solid Blue - silk, knit, or grenadine tie. Simple and elegant. If it's not too formal, as I think you said (not strict formal worn?), go with the knit. White pocket square would be my choice, but I am not adventurous in the area.
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