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I use the Filson small field bag. The buckle is not a big deal as the bag stays closed even with it unbuckled, and unless the whole thing turns upside-down, everything is pretty well protected because of the length of the flap. By the way, you said you were going to put "film" in you camera bag - what is that?
My impression from reading this thread is that Box 2 would be separate and run concurrent with Box 1. Basically a different group who did not get signed up for box 1 on time (but with a few who are on both ??). I would strongly vote that both boxes go through the list twice before we reassess / create a new group etc.
I am getting excited. I pledge to not keep the box of ties for more than three days. I pledge to replace ties with similar or better quality. I pledge to replace the same number or greater number of ties than I take. We'll see how this goes, but I don't seen any reason why this can not go a couple of rounds.
Sent PM
I think it was Tom Wolfe in A Man in Full who coined the "pizza explosion" term.
How about this. Someone goes through the thread and lists the names in order that they responded. Post it. Someone with ties to spare starts the box off by PMing the first person on the list for his address. If after a couple of days of no response, PM the next etc. Post that you have sent it on and any thoughts on the ties or whatever. The person who starts off should get the box back after three of four people to make it fair. Everyone would be responsible for the...
I'm in. How do we sign up.
I have become more obsessed with taper than width recently. For a tie without much taper to it, 2.75" to 3.25" is my range with 3" being about the sweet spot. In a perfect world all my ties would be 3.25 to 3.5" at the widest point and taper to about 2.5" about 8 or 9 inches up from the tip. I have grown to really dislike ties that are the same width all the way down the blade, especially if they are over about 3" wide.
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