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If you are not opposed to getting something new, there are plenty of coats that can pull double duty. Depending on how cold it gets where you are , a toggle coat might like a good choice, or a barn jacket or Barbour-type coat. It just needs to cover your suit coat (i.e. over you ass). You could also wear a down vest over your suit - probably not approved in this forum, but that seems to be in fashion nowadays.
505 Owners, Are you washing these or wearing them like selvage denim before the first wash/soak. Will they fade a bit like denim?
Are the chukka boots with three eyelets a different maker than those with two eyelets? Three:§ioncolor=§ionsize=#null Two:§ioncolor=§ionsize=
Not sure why someone would want to fake a BB to make $110. Based on the lapel width and gorge, I'd put it at 10-15 years old. I think it looks pretty dated, but it's up to you if you like the styling. For that price I am guessing you could buy five or six in a thrift store.
It's fine.
I don't think there is a Boston Alden store, though several other shops carry at least a few models.
Hockey season has started. Give him a break. Wait is it Pierre Trudeau's birthday? Mike Meyers Appreciation Day? Seriously though it must be Don Cherry Day.
Your first point is rubbish. A four in hand looks fine with all but the most extreme cutaway collar. The second is well taken. Your collar should complement your face, regardless of the trends.Yes, these things go in and out of style. Since shirts tend to last a long time, designers want them to go in and out of fashion so they can sell more before they wear out. Right now spread and button down collars are in fashion, with club collars for the more adventurous. My...
Right here. Read the forum. Read topics you don't even think you will be interested in. Learn quality brands. Look at the pictures. Go to good retail stores and engage the sales people. Ask questions. Figure out what looks good on you based on your coloring and body type. The most important thing is to develop your own sense of style. Take inspiration from others but don't copy them or it will look forced. Good luck.
Thank God! Now contactme can sleep at night!
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