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Ah, the "fun jacket" That guy does not look like he is having much fun.
Details? Or do we need to go to
I do like working button holes on suit coats. As others have pointed out it does not signal bespoke (though at one time perhaps it did). I think it signals a well made jacket because the cuffs have to be finished with enough fabric to accommodate the holes and the lining has to be sewn to each side rather than just a "tube" down the middle (if that makes sense). I would equate it to hand stitching details. It means more time and effort was put into the whole...
RL is notorious for showing things in the fashion mags that are not available at retail or only through made to measure programs. I don't know if this is the case with this.
Post pictures so we can make fun of you, err, I mean offer some constructive advice.
I think everyone need to calm down about the shipping of this thing. I know we are all excited and are used to instant gratification in this day and age, but it won't kill anyone to wait a bit. It's not like we don't have any ties to wear in the mean time.
OK, so who is your father?
I use Obenaufs - the Heavy LP stuff - once before each winter. It darkens them a bit but works well. There is a whole thread on these boots over in Streetwear. You may get some opinions over there as well.
I vote Spoo to gyasih to ThinkDerm
Try some of these. Some are more historical, some have pictures of naked ladies and one is in French. Hope this helps.
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