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Does anyone have the roper boots? What is the width like? They look a little wider than the other BR footwear.
In a Chicago Museum on a Saturday night you can wear any of the options you listed. Wear what you feel most comfortable in - that tends to come through more than forcing something to conform with what you think you should wear. I agree with the tuxedo comments. Don't try to fake it.
The black or suede?Kidding. Alden makes nice boots that look a lot like that. I believe you can get them at J Crew these days for about $500. it's a popular style, so there should be multiple options at lesser price points. LL Bean signature has one, regular LL Bean has a Katahdin Iron Works boot that looks chunkier and heavier, but is a nice work boot.
I've got a black/dark charcoal BB cashmere turtle neck sweater in the back of my closet somewhere. I've been thinking of taking it out when it gets cold. It's not super fitted if I remember, but is fine under a jacket. I think I'm in the market for a chunkier turtle neck. Maybe Irish knit fisherman's. My problem with heavy sweaters in general is that they are way too hot in most in-doors places and I don't really spend a lot of time hanging about outside in the...
Navy tie. Done.
I'd go brown tweed. Corduroy an option too. I don't love the charcoal odd jacket, but some do.
I saith keep this one as advertised - "So, just to be clear: Tie? OK. No tie? OK. Square/No square? Yes. Pents/No Pents: Well, hopefully pents, but I suppose that's up to you." - and make s brown suit contest for next week. Suits have pents.
Can my son play? The Doctor.
No idea. Pulled the picture from somewhere else on SF after doing a search.
I just think you need better jeans. Otherwise I'm OK.
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