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Thats a very handsome looking jacket - I like the besom pockets...
If you can get these in an 11 I'd be super excited!
to bump your post you are required to make at last a 10% price drop... please read the forum rules.
Price dropped!
Hi All, Up for sale is a E zegna shirt - bought from their store on bond street, worn fewer than 5 times. I'm beginning to purge things from my closet as buying on SF has swollen things beyond what I can possibly wear! Will be adding paul smith and armani shirts over the next few days... This has beautiful mother of pearl buttons (THICK), and a wonderful feel to the fabric. The sleeves measure 26 from the shoulder. I am based in the UK but am happy to ship...
Received my bag today - super fast shipping (despite postal strikes in the UK!) and excellent product at great price... Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by JCM Now sold... thanks! If you can get another one I'd kop!
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Dressing Neapolitan isn't just a look or even a lifestyle; It's a religion! You are a tiresome presence.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del How is this thread any different from this . No photos, no size, no details, no nothing and suddenly everything is sold.
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