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Agreed re C&J - paul smith not worth the wait, mostly PS....
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 oh right. i just came back from the kilgour sale. hopefuly the PS one is better Kilgour was very disappointing - was surprised by how poor the quality was - exposed fusing in overcoats that had retails tags... (ie not samples).
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 in hong kong? i was meant to know that part? London, just below holborn station walked past around 9 - huge line. Am going to swing by around 4 to see what its like then
Quote: Originally Posted by pitboss12 I just received a shipment from STP and was given another coupon code. Good for 20% a purchase of $100 or more. Expires 12/28/09. Code: BAK2704F Hope this helps. thanks all!
Hi All, Does anyone have a current coupon code for STP? thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Got you. And the ones I bought: http://www.kurtgeiger.com/online-sho...-church-consul were not!
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Where does it state the width? On the bottom of the shoe it will have a number and a letter - in my case 105 G to indicate a 10.5 with a G width if it says F then you are free and clear... If anyone would like these PM me...
Mine consul's arrived in a G width fitting - not as advertised. Anyone else have this happen?
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose Mafoofan is: 1) Approximately 25 years old & married 2) Works and lives in NYC as a lawyer 3) Amazingly skilled at Photoshop (check his foofing thread) 4) Amazingly good humored, esp considering the volume of friendly abuse hurled at him... I think he must be a masochist or something 5) A guy with a decent collection of bespoke wear - probably totalling at least $20K in value, tailored by top tailors in Italy 6)...
is the mcqueen trench by mcq or mainline? thanks!
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