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Where do we think most of his business comes from? How is he this busy? Clearly there aren't THAT many clients coming off of SF, or we'd have more news of upcoming commissions etc... Am partially just curious about how you build a client base for an online MTM company.
Quote: Originally Posted by R-H What is your problem? Weren't you 'asked' several times to lay off the Steven Aver threads? It isn't doing his business any good. I used to be interested in SA as a vendor, but whenever I read one of his threads, you turned me right off. The Howard Young, Kent Wang etc threads aren't filled with fanboy nonsense, and they do very well on this forum. Unless you are affiliated with the business, please let SA speak for...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi hehe, i don't have the boxers but i actually have 2 of those t-shirts How are they?
A+ Thread would read again.
Hi All, Am interested in black fleece sweaters in bb1 - please PM! thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Are these seconds then? That's a great response to a super pretentious first post by someone asking for faith in an ebay seller!
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Rotring 600 black is my go-to pen. I prefer rollerball but they have a ballpoint version too + 1 (in fountain...)
New favorite SF thread
Perfect, thanks!
Do these fit slim? If so I'd be interested in the 38 polo..
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