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Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood If you have taken the trouble to go to Jermyn St from outside London why would you not go to Fosters and C & J and Trickers and Church's and Barker too as well as EG and JL. I would, plus Cleverley and Weston as well as poking my nose into Lobb proper. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by unclepoison Anyone know if the RLPL jacket sizing is like the Black Label sizing - meaning you should go one size up? many thanks It is not. Normally fit true to size.
pm sent...
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek I will take it, provided you are willing to drop ship to final buyer.
Quote: Originally Posted by usctrojans31 I'm curious as to the quality of +J, Jil Sander's guest designer line for Uniqlo? I'd imagine it's close to H&M range, but want to hear opinions before taking the time and spending the train fare to head from Philly into NYC. Any and all opinions requested. I wasn't able to find anything other than pictures posted. If I'm missing something please feel free to insult me, kick me in the shin and point me...
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Putting a full stop after the 'Mr' is technically incorrect, as 'M' is the first letter and 'r' the last, so the abbreviation is enclosed within the two letters, rather than after the 'r'. For example Dr Mr However The Rt Hon. Prof. You see? You are aware that in the states it is correct to use what we would call a period? You are truly a very funny fellow.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats OP probably meant a topy. Ah - that didn't even occur to me - I'm firmly in the no topy camp
I would re-sole before each individual wear. If you are wearing them all day it is a good idea to swing by the cobbler at lunch for a quick re-sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by cnh121 I put an order in for a suit back in late November. The 3-4 week time frame is obviously gone, but whatever. I'm patient. Hm - will be interested to see your fit pics!
And TheWraith is creepy.
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