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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Glued, thin soles, IIRC. Made by a forum-familiar maker in Italy. Italian made peals? Thats a new low!
Nice - where do these ship from?
if they fit closer to an 11 I'd have 'em! great price
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Size 48/32 cotton Inco chinos (extra slim made in Romania) = size 32 in these? I think so - I'm moving away from the incos - and it was a 32 I tried on at BB (the same size I wear in inco) I'm tired of hunting through daffys/B&S for cotton trousers, just want to buy some that fit and be done with it!
Thanks all!
Hi All, there are a number of positive threads about BB milano chinos - so I'm planning to buy some. Did anyone notice much shrinkage? These are the trousers in question: thanks!
Could you comment on the sutor fit? thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl 1 SOLD. 1 more available. If you can get this in a 40R just pm me and I'll send the money!
Hi All, I'm interested in buying a number of talbott wool otc socks, pretty simple really! Let me know what you've got... Thanks!
are the trousers unhemmed?
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