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I am a very true 38R in most any brand - but wear a 40 mcqueen hope that helps!
beautiful - I'm a huge mcqueen fan. How would you describe the colour? it appears alternately blue and gray.. thanks!
Would be very interested in the EG for KG - can you confirm the size please? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by plotter They are the spares that come only with the Geoffrey Beene Sartoriale line done by Kiton. It is one collar and one shirt button. They are from FW 2007. SUPER 200s GENUINE PLASTIC. Come on, people. should I be concerned that people will think these are orphaned buttons?
Just received my black cable knit in the post today - perfect! thanks again - a+ seller.
Paypal sent- thanks!
Thank you Nobody, Glad to be here! Congrats on the sale...
Hi there, new poster - new to buying off of SF - can you confirm how you are measuring the thigh? Beautiful trousers - will take em if I can get into them! thank you
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