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Hi All, SOLD! I am offering 2x Burberry London 40R suits - one bought at the new york flagship shop, the other at Barney's (nyc). Please see the photos attached for an idea of coloring. I will ship from the uk. Trousers are an unaltered waist of 34, and measure to 32.5 for the pinstrip and 33 for the tan. The pinstripe has a cuff, the tan is a plain bottom. jackets have sleeves of 26.5 on the pinstripe and 26 on the tan. Thanks,
Was my thread in the B&S deleted for any reason? so far as I know there were no violations of forum rules, (no self bumps - just a reply to a request for measurements when my thread was already at the top).... If I did misstep I'd love to know what it was I did so I don't repeat the offense! Thanks
Hi All, I'm looking to buy RLBL suits and sports coats, willing to pay 1000/600 respectively... thanks!
I'd be interested in this as well. Am thinking of koping
I have these - and love them! This price is getting silly. Someone should buy them.
SOLD THANKS SF! More closet cleaning! I have a pair of very lightly worn (truly 3x on dry days) church's suede bluchers. They were sold to me by an over eager SA who assured me they would fit, of course they don't! The UK size is 9.5 H - a super wide fitting I believe. The model name is cranfield - and they are this shoe, only in a very handsome dark brown suede: Photos will come later today. I am asking...
SOLD THANK YOU Hi All, Closet cleaning here in London... your benefit! I am asking 50 GBP (75 USD) paypal personal + actual shipping for the entire lot. Shipping is from the UK, although I'll be in NYC the week of the 12th and would be happy to ship from there if that helps. I am offering 7 designer shirts, details below. The shirts are worn but have been cleaned by a good local cleaner for the duration of their life, and with the exception of a chipped top...
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Are you guys siding with the seller nuts? On a related note, ASOS is carrying a line of cheap Trickers-made shoes. Some look a hell of a lot like actual Trickers models. But do you think they are of the same quality? Of course not. I think we confirmed those shoes not to be made by tricker's... just english.
Quote: Originally Posted by laughwithm3 take the $50 refund and resell ??? profit As an active buyer, with no selling experience, I can't imagine being this upset by receiving a grade A product at a reasonable price. If there was some question as to the shoes maker, I'd understand, if there was a style difference (as with the BC / MB example) I'd understand, but not as things stand. Seems almost predatory to me.
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