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I might give it a try - shipping in the EU makes it less of a return liability if authenticity is questionable...
Any comment on what weather this would be most appropriate for? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by boston009 Is the RLPL light grey available in 38R? +50.
He's open on Saturday's and is my favorite london tailor. Fantastic standard of work in my experience.
Another vote of confidence in Carl and his shirts. Have ordered 3 or 4 with plans for more, and Carl has never been anything but charming in an appropriately reserved new york way. Nice guy.
Great - thanks!
Hi All, Am on the hunt for a navy or tan linen suit, decent quality, and available in a slim 38R for roughly 600 GBP in London. Where would you look? I've tried the usual designer spots with no luck... Thanks!
Hi All, Am interested in NWT RLBL 38R suits and sportscoats - summer suits of extra interest, but excited to see what is available... Let me know!
Is no one else concerned about the fabric rip?
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