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I owned a few of the bags and its been serving me great! I used one for my camera gear!
We (wife and i) have some mide 50s-60s furniture in our apartment, some of my Paul Smith shirts are about 18 years old now. A few IWCs i think will outlive us, we also havea collection of action figures and dolls numbering about 10,000 pieces collection from the 80s.
Enjoy every moment of time you have with your child, my boy just 9 1/2 months and over the course of the last 3 days he has learn to crawl very fast, explore every facet of the house, today climb into his rocker chair by himself. All these events just sliped pass us while we are working at home. Children grow up very fast and learn extremely fast. I have the great luxury to work at home most of the time and learning to understand your child and their needs are very...
Quote: Originally Posted by em36 And what would Malaysia and Singapore do, sit on their hands, or use their impressive air power in concerted fashion, and within cooperative defense relationships, to destroy you. The Mark Thatcher affair proves great powers, and regional powers, have zero tolerance for such endeavors. yeah, we (Stinkapore) have a total combined airforce of the entire region (South East Asia) and have very close ties to...
cheap sneakers, selling alongside other mass market brands, most designs outlandish for its looks. Does not appeal to me.
I totally cannot understand why people ask about prices/services over the phone. I really dun understand the concept of phone sales.
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