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Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha but mullen was doing it in a freestyle context, not street skating as we know it. Ok you're just splitting hairs man My whole point was that Mullen invented it and consequently was the first to do it. Many skaters have aided in the evolution of tricks that are based off of kickflips, but Mullen did it on the street the same way the avg. skater does it today.
Quote: Originally Posted by Max Gonz may have been the first person to do kickflips as we know them in the street, but Rodney Mullen is the one who actually invented them. Before his goofy freestyle self came along you did kickflips by actually kicking the board; the ollie had yet to be invented. What I meant is that street skating is getting as ridiculous as freestyle once was with all the 360 underflip crooks to switch salad big spin out type...
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha i rock mine in the back of my closet with no laces. Come on out of the closet! It's Ok... really? We are a much more understanding society these days, and besides you ARE in Florida...
Quote: Originally Posted by DaveBonds Are any of you junkies on S&B? Stunning! And that's just a few of them?! What is S&B?
I should specify where the shoes make me sore. I don't have high arches either. I feel like the toe area just isn't well padded, even though my toes have enough space in them they often get a bit sore after a day of wearing chucks. I haven't had this problem with vans or adidas. Still, this problem isn't so bad to stop me from wearing them, but I do know that my feet will be more uncomfortable in Chucks as compared to any other sneakers I have.
Jimmy hats for me.
Yeah, Chucks are some of the most uncomfortable shoes I've worn. And my dogs can typically stand for a beating a day. Kinda surprising that their popularity doesn't diminish with the uncomfortableness factor. Guess men are turning into beyotches, care more for the look than the comfort.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick M I believe you're forgetting about the metal scene. The metal group is already included in the "cool cliques" list. Now if we're talking about "glam metal" than yeah, that is one pathetic crowd that could join with the "hipsters" to create the uber Glamster! Beware, the Glamster takes the cake of the metro/retro/androgyno/skinny like a sticko cliques!
Hipster = a clique people join after they are rejected from all other cool cliques
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha you do know it was gonz who did the first kickflips on street right? rodney didnt even start skating street till the rubbish heap video was released I think you're mistaken... Are you talking about the Rubbish Heap video of 1989? Unless Gonz was doing kickflips in 1980 he wasn't doing them before Mullen. And are you saying that this was the first time the kickflip was used in streetskating? Even though...
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