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Quote: Originally Posted by Souper Yea, I tried both on last time, the color was identical(I mistook a aihiko for a jomon) but then the 510 price tag made me go wtf. Anywho, I'll examine the denim more closely next time. The color does look identical. The beautiful purple kills me. The differences start at the weft. The jomon have a more natural, maybe unbleached, coffee hue. The aihiko have a more normal white weft. You will also find...
FS: Flad Head 5100s, 45rpm Jomon, Denime 15th Type, and Jean Shop Classic Fit Longs. All measurements in inches. I've sold 2 pairs of jeans before to SF members and accept paypal. I also have a perfect ebay record. All Selvedge. Feel free to ask any questions. Denime 15 Type - Tagged 33x36 NWT - Just tried on. These are still raw and will shrink aprox 10% according to Denime. They use the XX Denim. Retail:...
Quote: Originally Posted by Max who the hell is buying this stuff? Gay bankers
I buy based on the quality of the cotton and then worry about getting some alterations. Anyway, I wear the following: Troglodyte homunculus. RRL Ascot Chang
diesel - "my girlfriend said they were expensive, so I've worn them for the last five years" pbj - "i can size down 2 sizes beacause I dont have a dick" s'darti "western pigs are cool in Japan ... guess they're cool here too!" r&r "My hot babe and I have the same jeans, I'm a stud" evisu - "i like it raw."
I like the Uniqlo wool crewnecks for $30 (on sale right now from 40). I bought three and they're great.
Quote: Originally Posted by mizanation roland, sounds just like it, except i don't think that this is black overdyed. i think it's just regular black yarn. also, it has a cool strap and buckle on the collar. it was the only birthday present i got this year, but it was a good one! Awsome! I think there are 4 similar sweaters in the line and 2 of them are black overdye and 2 are black yarn. I was too cheap to buy it, but I may buy the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mizanation goldengloves, RRL makes a sweater in that style. got it for my birthday. it's become my favorite sweater (and the warmest). Miz, Did you get the black overdyed indigo sweater with a zipper, buttons, down the front and oil cloth lined cargo pockets? If so, I envy you.
^ Mine have fadded a little in the thigh and softened a good deal, but nothing dramatic to report. Unfortunately, these have been on hold until "Fall" or whenever it cools down here in NY. I found the PBJs to be too dense for the summer. The weight of the jeans doesn't matter, but I find the density/compactness of the denim to make a huge difference. I wore Samurai SO500xx's for most of the Summer and these for about a month in May/June.
St. Johns Bay Hoodie (JCPennys) I have a few of them.
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