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you can't go wrong with avant garde/slight goth ninja because when its black it goes together.
Just go avant garde/goth ninja now to save money and time. Your 20's? When your about 30's you will be on this path
Lord have mercy I love this thread
I was on mobile and hit the back button too many times I meant to post in the boot thread. Thanks for the reply
Are guidi boots supposed to be so narrow I even sized up from my regular size. I thought I would get a quicker reply in the baller thread.
I'm serious about buying the stuff message me if you can help proxy I'll pay proxy fees also if you like.
I'll go for a black fishtail in xs message me if you can help in fact my sig is from that season.
As the title states looking for the black fishtail parka xs, combat vest xs, and rust colored chinos 28. Message pictures and price
This is good
It would at least help to see the shape of your head
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