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Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Sounds like he didn't: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...3&postcount=91 What a prick this kid is. No shows after a member (for reasons unknown) pays his way there. So basically he soaked Alex Kabbaz for a ticket so he could go shopping in NYC. Shitheel MrR
Sorry to drudge up an old thread but I have some info that I thought might be useful to those, who, like me have severe hyperhydrosis. I tried a few of the products mentioned in this thread along with certain-dri to no avail. I then got a script for Drysol and could not believe the results. I went from sweating up a shirt in 10 min during the winter to not sweating all day even when i exert myself. Truly incredible stuff for heavy sweaters like me. I'm trying it on my...
Quote: Originally Posted by King Salmon You must lead a very sad life. I agree. Anyone who consumes less than one bottle of wine daily is a serious loser. MrR
Call me unrefined but are there any health concerns related to eating this dish? MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Fonz You remind if the lame kid we end up black balling from almost every pledge class In my experience, this is the mentality of most frats, at least where I went to school. MrR
I bought a few for 65$ a piece and then had them taken in at the waist for 20$. For an 85$ investment, they are great shirts MRR
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I think anything is more pleasing than your elitist handwriting. Goes well with your attitude, though. Oops, I almost forgot. Connie, STFU MrR
I have terrible handwriting so I block print everything I write that needs to be read by others. One place I work for has a "4 minute rule" which dictates that if a written page takes longer than 4 min to decipher, it doesnt exist, and therefore, I do not get paid. The other needs to be able to read my notes and distinguish exactly what was accomplished in a 50 minute session, again, if it is messy I don't get paid. Some choose to ignore the guidelines but I think it is...
Noone can really answer your question. If an item is worth it to you and you absolutely love it, than buy it. Last season a saw a RLPL trench that I had to have, which I did at a retail price of 1495. I've since seen several coats that were close in detail to the PL coat I own at much less than what I paid retail but I'm still glad I got it. It sounds like you really want these shoes so I think you should buy them at retail. You will not regret the decision when they...
Finding a good therapist can actually be quite difficult in some places. You want to find someone schooled in the most empirically validated treatments for whatever you are presenting with and not someone who provides vauge aimless "therapy as usual". Do a search for the Association for the advancement of behavioral and cognitive therapies. www.abct.org/com?? Look under the therapist finder on the first page and put in your location. Most members are reasonably skilled...
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