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Quote: Originally Posted by ltontheqt With all due respect to the OP, I went to Franklin Mills today and maybe I should wear my glasses for more than driving because I only saw a few uglee Isaias and an acceptable Kiton sportscoat or two. The woman who works the men's department did not recall sportscoats in a range of sizes. Yes, prices were excellent but pickings were slimmer than slim. Can you say hyperbole? +1 Again, no disrespect to...
Damn, I'm a 44 and am about 20 min away from franklin Mills. Timeless, any chance I pay pay you to keep your mouth closed next time SOF gets a big shipment MrR J/k of course
JW Green label..... BL is better and cheaper MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by seanchai Even worse if his namesake is Carl Rogers. Think of your self-organism alignment! Please, lets get back on topic....bashing connie MrR
Please, even this kid didn't have the balls to show his face after the pummeling hes been getting around here. MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I think you may be jumping to conclusions and throwing mud at him a little prematurely. But... He's around and laying low in the social life and drink forum posting about everclear or some other nonsense. MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Sounds like he didn't: What a prick this kid is. No shows after a member (for reasons unknown) pays his way there. So basically he soaked Alex Kabbaz for a ticket so he could go shopping in NYC. Shitheel MrR
Sorry to drudge up an old thread but I have some info that I thought might be useful to those, who, like me have severe hyperhydrosis. I tried a few of the products mentioned in this thread along with certain-dri to no avail. I then got a script for Drysol and could not believe the results. I went from sweating up a shirt in 10 min during the winter to not sweating all day even when i exert myself. Truly incredible stuff for heavy sweaters like me. I'm trying it on my...
Quote: Originally Posted by King Salmon You must lead a very sad life. I agree. Anyone who consumes less than one bottle of wine daily is a serious loser. MrR
Call me unrefined but are there any health concerns related to eating this dish? MrR
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