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Everybody Loves Raymond is retarted Commander in Chief was pretty bad MrR
I've been reading the evolution of your essay and commend you on your hard work. As a doctoral student, I work a few hours a week in a writing lab, reviewing APA format and looking over papers before they are submitted. I do have to ask, is english your first language? I'm assuming not. If I had the time i'd be able to provide you with more feedback (should you be interested in recieving it) but i'm a little busy. I think you still need to make alot of corrections to...
What a soapopera this has become. Whats sad is that we are watching the demise of yet another small business, and noone but the owner is at fault. Why send this new person to speak on your behalf and have such a fiasco result? If someone is screwing around and posting as Cf staff, than Chuck and Jill should be here to be on top of it. If this guy likes buying and selling houses so much he should be in real estate instead of selling neckties. How many "apology...
You posted on AAAC that you just bought a BB sack navy blazer; still you refuse to pay back Kabaaz and you treat everyone here like they are idiots. Go fuk yourself you little piece of shit MrR
my comment was not, nor was it intended to be racist at all. Jose often posts the most ridicoulous question (eg. What is a sweater?) followed by "I live in a tropical climate, so I dont know" Connie, shut your face you little prick scammer. MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I can't figure out why sigle men want women as friends. They are the other team and are there for sport and enjoyment, not fraternization. Men end up with female friends by default. 99.99% of a man's female friends are girls he tried to hook-up with but something went askew and they got stuck in the no mans land of opposite sex friendship. MrR
Connie you know i dislike you and all but scamming a member who shows you unbelieveable generousity makes you not only the Top Dog Douchebag but really a hardcore pieve of shit. Pay the man and go hang your head in shame MrR
Bravo Jose, another brain teazer thats been perplexing me for some years now. Do they only make 3 piece suits in cambodia or wherever you are from? MRR
Quote: Originally Posted by fg0d Botox and gland removal are really NOT options because you dont sweat at all, and if you can't sweat from your pits, you might sweat more from other places. With drysol you get the same effect; you dont sweat at all wherever you apply it. Consider though that your body is 2000+ square inches of skin, 14 of which are your underarms, there is more than ample opportunity to excrete sweat elsewhere. Common sense...
Yudi, with Drysol you do not use deodorant or AP. I was a little nervous going out without it the first few days, but with drysol you literally dont sweat a drop so there is nothing to worry about. MrR
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