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Quote: Originally Posted by pfr0g I bought one of their ties just to see To see if it was fake?? MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond My cousin never paid for his student loans back in the day. I think they tried going after him and he just kept sidestepping them with laws and contingencies. Although im sure they have now made it much harder to do this. Your cousin must have gotten some education in college. I'm betting his GPA was about as bad as his credit score is now. RE: The car. I understand that It's in great shape but its...
Monaco is the cleanest place I've ever seen. Even during tourist season the sidewalk is cleaner than my kitchen floor MrR
If you do need brakes the cheapest method would be to have them replaced ASAP as I learned the hard way as a dumb adolescent that ignoring worn pads guarantees that you can add new rotors onto the bill when you get around to having them changed. MrR
I live in Philly and have had them a handful of times but don't think much of them. Kind of messy and overly sweet MrR
I guess its too late now but I would of put your attention toward chi-girl and told the ex to come down for dinner also. Make sure you talk to ex when she is on her way over then time dinner with chi-girl perfectly so that you leave your place 15 min before your ex arrives. She'll be out there ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door like an idiot for at least an hour. then never call her again MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz I have never shopped at J.Crew . Their bland styling and fabrics never had any appeal to me. I visited J.Crew once about 2 months ago and i can confirm that they continue the bland clothing theme they were famous for. All the change from this to that that has been discussed on this board is lost on me. The only change I can confirm is their fabrics quality went significantly down. Everything looks drab, wrinkled , as...
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha oddly enough, i know people in thier 40s that are very excited about today.. They must live very fulfilling and productive lives MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I finally explained to her that there was more joy for me in the mere sniff of the old Mac than in practicing that puerile act of alcoholic cunnilingus. I'm guessing you didn't take her home MrR
hunstman you must be a "live wire" at parties man Mrr
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