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Quote: Originally Posted by j who's the nutjob bidding $2M? Probably one of those hicks who won the lottery and realized they had 245million left after putting new shoos on the pick-up and buying new patio furniture. MrR
A really good cigar (HM double corona or partigas lusitania) and some Black label as it pours. MrR ps- Connie 1/2 of yours are really gay
Quote: Originally Posted by mikeber It's just envy. People don't like her because she does what she wants, she is rich and good looking. Most people do not enjoy such freedom. As with Martha Steward who fulfilled the American dream, everyone would like to be in her place. When she failed, it made people feel good. Kind of revenge. This thread says more about the people then about Paris Hilton. Maybe you should try reading everyones...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek nor should she. my cousin passed a cop doing 220, his wheel burst and he rolled his car. He got out of his car and layed face-down on the road for the cop to arrest him (he always was a cocky bastard). He lost his license for a long time but didn't go to jail. It's a freakin traffic violation... The judge obviously doesn't approve of her lifestyle and is using his position to make some sort of example out of her. What...
she'll never serve a day in jail mrr
Not a good look for look insane in those first 2 shots. If anyone can pull it off it has to be either a knit or extremely thin tie. Taking a 3.5 blade silk tie and wearing it with a lands end polo = disaster MrR
Some limoncello....long day MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube As I am neither young, nor employed on Wall Street, I think I ought to take umbrage at your post LK. But I might just sit back and enjoy this toke instead. You really should try it sometime. Might give you a whole new (cheery) outlook on things. It is amazing how wonderful life is when one is happy. I've done every drug known to man, but if you really can only be happy when high then that sux MrR
10,000$ from a casino in AC from a 75$ buy in at roulette. a similar amount from an online casino in Antigua with a 100$ buy in that I still cant believe they paid out on. Glad to say I have spent both sums on clothing and food and never stepped foot, literally or virtually in a casino since then. MrR
Look at the bright side. At least you can sleep in tomorrow! Seriously though, that sucks. I've had family members in similar situations but without an advanced degree. Your dedication to your work comes through in your words and i'm sure you'll land another job soon. GL MrR
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