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J crew has a few items that are hard to beat. Their merino V-necks sweaters for 58$ are a steal and I have over a dozen of them in every color they have come out with in the past 2 yrs. I recently got their harris tweed vest and a few cardigan sweaters on sale. Suits and sportcoats I'd stay away from and i'm also not a fan of their shirts and ties. MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Smooth Genes Well my initial plan was to march in there (its at a bank) and demand to see the head honcho and get an interview on the spot to get hired. however that plan failed because i did not feel smooth in this suit therefore it never developed further...well actually i did go but the person was on vacation and my shoes were killing (also mw) so i actually ended up returning those and said F the suit. So here I...
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal Heh, thanks. In every forum, there are people whose opinions are as wise as they are well meant. For example, I've listened to a respected denim proprietor comment about having to filter out the posers on Superfuture, etc. I don't think sounding out people about tweaking your style on a style forum is a sign of insecurity (it might be a sign of sufficient security to do it). Maybe obsession, but we're all guilty of...
I went to a real tough prep school in ny and hated every minute of it College was ok but I spent much of the time doing the things I never did in HS (read: sex and drugs) Getting my masters was kinda fun, mostly kids who graduated from college and had no idea what they wanted to do so they stayed in school I'm getting my PhD now and its real serious..statistically a class of 25 will only graduate 5-7 individuals so its alot of pressure in addition to working 2...
silly question but whats the correct pronunciation for balenciaga?? MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Thom Brown should be banished to the 8th Circle of Hell. More importantly, WTF was Bergdorf's thinking? Like it or hate it, the guys created a buzz for himself even the snores in the trad board on AAAC are discussing "Tom" lol MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby Hahaha. The thing is, there's so much outlandish stuff like that from nearly all designers that I tend to disregard it. I don't really hold it against a designer anymore if he produces a few unwearable pieces for the runway. I could not agree more..... Sometimes when I read about Thom on these boards I have a feeling the poster has little or no knowledge of what other designers are putting down the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart That would be awesome if he did some varsity striped sweaters for Brooks This was my first thought as well..... I was so close to purchasing thom's varsity sweater in bergdorf last season but went with a jil shawl collar cardigan instead at 1/2 the price. It'd be great to see one for well under a grand MrR
Loro piana has some incredible offerings but I just cant justify 750$ for a nylon vest. My father grabbed a LP vest a few years back; pumpkin colored, quilted cashmere...gorgeous piece MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by yellman I asked the saleslady what made this shirt worth $330. sorry but silly questions deserve silly answers. mrr
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