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If I had a digital camera you'd be looking at a Baume et Mercier Classima 42mm auto and an Archimede Pilot. Tag Monaco chronograph is on the way hopefully with a camera shortly thereafter. MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by shawndo I didn't realize the Dunhill unique was the original of this style until after I got this. Although, it's not exactly a "canal st. replica" It's a Corona "Old Boy" About half the price of a Unique. Correct, its a savinelli corona "old boy" lighter. Great value in that lighter as I prefer it to my vintage dunhills and new St. Duponts. Very reasonably priced between 85$ for a simple matte black finish to...
nice winder Zjp but a pic of a box without watches is akin to posting pics of hangers with no jackets! I just picked up a winder this weekend, nothing as nice as the orbita, and can't stop watching the damn thing! Whats interesting is a few watches that were running fast have been spot on since being on the winder, weird. Good luck with it MrR
Good liars are always sure to mix in a little truth with the lie. This quells the nervous reactions of telling a lie and makes them believe (at least a little bit) what they are saying. Pathological liars/manipulators are basically full of shit. They lack the planning and forethought to consider if/when/how they might get caught. Really horrible people to be around. MrR
So far you've posted 5 sportcoats purchased for around 25$ each and none of them seem particularly spectacular. I'd say focus more on quality and less on quantity. Save up a little and get a nice piece. When you have more available funds, add another. MrR
I have to admit, I'm not even sure if pathological lying is a DSM diagnosis, but it rarely occurs at a pathological level in isolation. Certain personality disordered persons are incredibly manipulative and deceptive but there are other major charactersitics that are usually more worrisome. I do know what you mean though. I had a friend in college who seemed rather normal but lied incessantly, about absolutely everything. Kinda funny story, yesterday I was evaluating...
Take a look at the Archimede pilot. mrr
Just bought a Baume et Mercier 42mm Classima dress watch. My first real watch and I love it MrR
Are you junking the knives after the tip breaks off?? Just have them reground. They'll be 1/4 in shorter but should be the same as before. More importantly, get a pair of steel toed boots. To echo the above poster, who the hell drops kitchen knives lol you know that when you realize they are falling you scream and jump like a girl MrR
making a statement like "you'll be better off without me" is consistent with the themes and belief systems of a depressed individual. You mentioned that she met with a psychiatrist but that does not mean she is in therapy; she might be, but its not assumed. Most docs evaluate and provide meds but few actually do talk therapy. The research is clear that the best treatment is a combo of both cognitive therapy and anti-d meds. In my experience the patients that go solely on...
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