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Leather strap is always more formal I own this piece and like it alot Good luck MrR
For what it is worth, my parents had the same issue in their home for almost 15 years resulting in a good amount of water in the basement everytime it rained heavy. patches from the interior would work for several months to a year only to eventually fail. Once the foundation was dug out in that particular spot and sealed from the outside, the problem was solved. You should also consider the grading of the land near that part of the foundation and if necessary install a...
Vacca's prices are just outrageous for the purpose of being outrageous. yes the stuff is nice but I've but together many similar looks with colorful quality offerings at a more reasonable price MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo don't forget the part where he dropped a grand on a Z Zegna suit. better deal than 2800 for an armani suit though mrr
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I'd be interested in getting one as good ones aren't particularly expensive--certainly about the price of a new BMW . They may be about the price of a new BMW but not in actuality. If you have a service issue (minor or major) on most new beemers, its covered by their service agreement and can be fixed by the hundreds of service centers over the US. With a vintage car you first have to find...
Aportnoy, gorgeous as always but I have to many pairs of shoes do you own? Any chance of a closet/storage shot? MrR
The color is ok but dress shirts need to fit properly rather than be "stretchy" MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril We saw so many Italian supercars in Monaco. They sound like motorcycles. I saw a few 599 GTB's cruising around the casino last month. Even at low speeds the sound was unbelievable. MrR
Test drive the BMW Z4 roadster. I bought one about 9 months ago and absolutely love it. MrR
I imagine one would insure such an item but thanks for dredging this old thread up to allow us to pontificate such a scenario Mrr
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