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Quote: Originally Posted by Leaveitothexperts They are CH Collection, the label says "Benchmade in England"" CH as in Cole Haan?? Would sending them into the manufacturer be a last ditch resort if none of the above methods works out?? MrR
Funny. I was in J Crew yesterday and the men's section was barren. I thought crew was popular for most mainstream college age men?? MrR
This is the third time I have heard this same scenario. First year teacher given a difficult class/grade that they work with for a year and then look elsewhere. No offense intended to your fiancee get smart but most education training is seriously lacking in regards to behavioral interventions to keep a class "in control". Some of my work is in inner city classrooms where the kids just terrorize the teacher who inturn has zero control over their students. I can't offer...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrRogers Damn, the guy just posted some pics. I wouldn't be caught dead in any of it but to each his own. Hes also been overly frank about his current financial situation, and has taken all comments in stride. Why demean him with this "all of you people/people like you" nonsense. Maybe you were the one on line outside the restaurant waiting to order the house wine. MrR looks like i spoke to...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I remember people like you. All the restarants were hard to get into and all of you people were ordering $200 bottles of wine without knowing anything about them. Traffic was terrible around rush hour. I am sorry to see that you are having a hard time now. I imagine that many people still are from that generation. The Bling is hideous. Damn, the guy just posted some pics. I wouldn't be caught dead in...
I don't understand shaving w/o cream or oil. Is it to save the 10$ a month on supplies or a display of masculinity? I use AOS oil/brushed cream/ and aftershave lotion everyday. I suppose I could shave dry, but whats the point?? MrR
Some of these are really funny. I dont see how some can hate on this thread but laugh at the pic of jesus on a cross and a bunch of hicks spelling out YMCA MrR
This post reminds me of the friends episode when Ross adopts a british accent for his work in the "Labooooratory". I don't see how anyone can acquire an unnatural accent in such a manner. One slip up and you look like a lunatic. MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Hmm, I really must try this Cragganmore everyone is raving about. maybe you shoud wait a few years until your are of legal drinking age MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by slycedbred Is ADD even a sickness? ADD is a personality type, not a disorder...I've never taken that medicine I've gotten and I'm doing just fine without. Meh yey for rants. Adhd is not a personality type. Read Millon and other personality theorists to get a sense of characterlogical traits versus disorders such as ADHD. Congrats on not needing medication for your inattention; many people are either able to...
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