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This post reminds me of the friends episode when Ross adopts a british accent for his work in the "Labooooratory". I don't see how anyone can acquire an unnatural accent in such a manner. One slip up and you look like a lunatic. MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Hmm, I really must try this Cragganmore everyone is raving about. maybe you shoud wait a few years until your are of legal drinking age MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe just to clarify for everyone replica = similar design fake = fake I have to disagree there. A good submariner replica on canal street can be had for 50$ and be relatively undetectable from a short distance even with a trained eye. How is this watch not fake? MrR
Congrats on quitting smoking alter. There are few obstacles in life as difficult as that. Ditto on sending flowers from another woman. To take it a step further, any chance his wife has a wandering eye?? If you feel like being juvenile, bag of sugar in the gastank is an all-time standby MrR
I think if you pawned all of those watches and all of those cz's you'd have just enough $$ for a fake zegna suit MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by VMan I don't understand why you have $100,000+ worth of jewels posted here, but you bought a $200 fake Zegna suit over the Attolini? Thus the rationale behind my inquiry as to whether or not these are replicas. MrR
Gucci likes to line up 5-6 kissing buttons on their coats Looks a little strange IMO MRR
Quote: Originally Posted by Isaac Mickle That shirt is probably brand new & that's why is so large in the neck. MRR
are those watches replicas? MrR
Nigttrain, I agree with most that armani is just not up to par with many other labels, however, I too have a few armani sportcoats hanging in my closet. A few weeks ago at saks off fifth I picked up a grey armani sportcoat with a large scale cream windowpane for a very reasonable price. While the garment is fused, the fit is perfect and the piece is very versatile. With my line of work, I cannot always wear top shelf stuff for fear of it getting dirty or runied, for this...
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