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Quote: Originally Posted by torotoro \\ If you're talking about boxes, it is generally held that for serious long term aging (10+ years) its best to leave the shrink wrap plastic on the boxes during storage. Few cigars will benefit from a decade of aging; most will have lost a substantial amount of flavor at that point. Unless you are hoarding davidoff dom perignons i'd smoke em after 5 yrs max MrR
The whole thing is ridicoulous.....these scumbags are lucky they are able to get any job over here let alone one where they get to sit on their smelly asses all day. I'd be all for firing them if the other minorities would get off their lazy behinds and welfare and actually work for a living. MrR
I just bought a z4 BMW and I love it. Hard car to beat at that pricepoint... MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Augustus Medici I considered eBay, but I'll only recover maybe $5. On advice from a friend, I went to the local community college's music building and asked around. I was eventually pointed to a room where, lo and behold, there was film and a special sort of heating machine that seals. lol Seems like a lot of effort for a 15$ movie man. You kind of remind me of my roomate in college who would ask the waiter to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy All my life I've been a quite person. It's not that I'm socially withdrawn or excessively shy, but rather I've always been more inclined to listen rather than talk. I'm now beginning to believe that this may have adverse affects. That is, when I want to start a conversation I'm often at a loss of what to say. Furthermore, when I've succesfully initiated a conversation, it seems as though I struggle to keep it flowing....
170$ for a pink hoodie? Champs sells em for 15$ MrR
crew neck and a suit or sportcoat is a no no unless you are in the waste management business. MrR
I think i'm going to print out a few copies of this thread and stuff it in my Lobbs. Then, at least this thread has a purpose. MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Chauncey Gardner I hope I don't sound crabby in singling out an individual case of ludicrous language or malapropism, for it's all around us night and day. Rather this just gives me the opportunity to point out that using standard language is just as important in creating a good impression as is tying a suitable knot on your tie or polishing your shoes. They really go together, so that one's presentation through dress is...
I like to stuff my shoes with toilet paper. Because I want to preserve my footwear as heirlooms for my yet to be born children, I use two-ply. MrR -Anyone interested in pics, please email me.
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