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Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist They operate under a level of scrutiny that probably no other profession deals with, since it's life and death, not some glorified book report on King Lear or whatever. About 1/2 my patients are acutely suicidal, most with a history of prior attempts. A few are homicidal, and the rest are psychotic with impaired judgement that makes them a great danger to themselves as well as others. Not all...
Time will tell. If after a few washings they have shrunk substantially, feel rough as newspaper and the plastic buttons fall off, they are authentic Gucci. MrR
Least this time he got hammered and made a stupid post versus getting hammered and driving like last time. Grow up kid Mrr
connie yur such an ass, words cant describe MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by mr_prak What do you pay for those shirts, I heard about 40US.... you cannot expect miracles for that money. A functioning shirt is not a "miracle" MrR
Ignore these guys. You don't need any anchors! I think the best place for your bar sign is above the headboard of your bed. Secure it with either double faced tape, krazy glue or fun tac. Go to bed and dont give it a second thought MrR
Flusser is a hot mess! With that hair and crazy grin he looks like the people I admit to the psych hospital. MrR
If you find something you like in the leather market feel free to haggle over the price a bit. I bought a couple briefcases for less than the tagged price of one. I'm going over to Florence, paris and monaco in a few weeks and found the info on this thread very helpful also. MrR
The runway stuff is all drama, you'll never see it in a store. Yes, his runway stuff is silly but i'm guessing that most don't even know of any other fashion designer besides Thom Browne. Look at what Galliano put out on the runway for his women's shows the last decade and then comment on the wearability of Thoms work MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist That's ridiculous. In fact, I'd be so incredibly embarassed to know anyone who puts "PhD" on any plain sight document... Many individuals seeking psychological services are looking for "psychologists" Ph.D.'s and Psy.D.'s over MS level "therapists." In this situation, a distinction is necessary as some therapists were grandfathered the label of "psychologist" and do not hold a doctorate degree. Your...
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