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Anyone ever check out "Boggi" as listed on the sartorialists website? Britalian would it be inappropriate to ask what those SM wingtips ran you?? MrR
Since you now have some coin from selling your car are you going to reimburse Kabbaz for his generousity towards you (paying yur CSE airfare)?? MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt how the hell do you know that I am a privleged douchebag like Conne? lol make up your mind will u! MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Has your roid-rage really lasted this many years after you got off of the juice? Give the guy a break. He isn't hurting anybody. Please. This kid cries that he has no money and then begs for airfare because he is to busy getting drunk and posting nonsense in the general forum to get a job and make 100$ to buy his own ticket. This makes him a punk. His hx of drunk driving is what makes him an asshole. MrR
Why is everyone so confused as to why I hate this kid? MrR
nice....any others? Mrr
lol sorry there is no D&G Mrr
Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy From the looks of the pictures it looks like a couple of dudes hanging out in a hotel room with a small amount of merchandise. I'm not sure I understand how 400+ people were in attendance last year but the photos were taken in hotel rooms with merchandise spread out on beds and small tables. I'm thinking about going just to take connie out back and kick his ass. Anyone want to save me the...
Neiman Marcus is the only place worth visiting at KOP. Bloomingdales selection is limited. Thomas pink is thomas pink (read overpriced and poor quality). There is no John Lobb or other high end shoe shops. AOS is not yet open. Brooks is ok but the Center City location is much better. Have fun MrR
I can't find the post but someone made reference to the fact that a medical degree takes longer to attain than a doctorate which, often, is not the case. My degree requires a 2 yr MS, 5 yrs of coursework than an additional year or 2 of post-doc fellowship to attain licensure. Just a thought MrR
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