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Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I left the oven on and my apartment was like a hundred degrees when I got back from salsa. Between this and dropping chef's knives I'd say you should stay out of a kitchen MrR
1200 for a cricket sweater So much for that line At that price I'll stick with Loro Piana MrR
A few weeks ago I put on a standard FC shirt, favorite SS cufflinks and my (relatively) new Baume et Mercier Classima. At the end of the day I removed my watch to find that the shank(?) of my cufflinks had put a small scratch on one of the lugs of my classima. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Since then I've only been wearing barrel cuffs with my nicer watches for fear of a repeat experience. Anyway to make sure this doesnt happen again besides switching to...
Check out the Sales Corner on Time Zone. You'll be better able to stretch your 300$ budget there than anywhere else. I also second the Archimede Pilot watch. You can grab one on the SC for around 325-350 in LNIB condition. MRR
Quote: Originally Posted by Marrakesh My watch.. Rolex Air King Black ostrich leather.. Nice watch Marrakesh. I have been eyeing a black dial Air-King for the past few months but havent pulled the trigger b/c of its size, 34mm as you know. How do you like your AK? Anyone ever mistake it for a women's watch?? MrR
SoCal what do you do for a living that affords you the funds to live such an extravagant lifestyle and the time to brag on multiple message boards about the expensive things you own that you know nothing about? (eg, the GO you post aside your Thom Browne labels lol) MrR
St joseph's Univ in Philly, then onto a medical college in the area for my PhD (2 yrs left) MrR
I have the peter maly bed from Ligne Roset.... Awesome design, check it out on their website MrR
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I thought it was total bullshit. "We don't know what kind of ending to come up with so let's just make the screen go blank and then everyone can talk about what they think happened." When really, nothing at all happened because it's fiction. It doesn't happen unless they write it. Total cop out in my opinion. +1 I've watched every episode religiously waiting for the action of the initial 3 seasons...
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna At the suggestion of Mr Bodner, I went to Tenafly (Gardener State) for the bake's sale, to buy some cakes, before travel to Union City , where I needed to acquire, a roasted pig for Hector's reunion. In tenafly, while making the purchase, a lady with St John's (not of , the bay), of raised hair, collecting the dollars, said that for the cakes , I would have to loosen my, tie , because of bake sale,...
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