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Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Honestly it bothers me a bit that Alex does not answer the questions here. He is a member here and could give us more information on his shirts. I suspect there are some good reasons for the shirt price but I would like more info. I disagree, plus, he has already answered many questions RE: his wares 1000X times. Furthermore, if I were him, I'd be out sewing 1000$ shirts instead of responding to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Dear dedicated fans, I appreciate all of the positive comments I received while sleeping off my drunkeness in the SF Holding Cell. I have learned so much during my time in prison...I, like, found God and learned a lot about, like, myself. I think I'm a better person, y'know? And that's hot. *Paris Hilton pose* Love and kisses, Connieboi you're so friggin queer dude, have you no...
Friends of mine owned a house in Manayunk, PA when we were in college. I never before had a strange feeling entering a house before I went in this one. My friends had dozens of stories ranging from seeing shadows to having stuff moved about in a peculiar manner. There were 2 that I experienced. I was once in the house alone, taking a shower in the bathroom. As I got out I heard LOUD footsteps running up the stairs. Five seconds later, I opened the door expecting...
all I can really add is WOW! LOL A ringing endorsement of the prevasiveness of psychosis and mental illness in America. Your designs are not art Eric, they are just different in an autrocious way. I'm all for diversity and the progression of men's fashion but what about your designs are so unique? Those long, point collars are straight out of Goodfellas. My father has split ties sitting in the back of his closet from before you were a twinkle in your mommy's eye....
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf Proud Mary OMFG MrR
Thanks for the replies. Indeed, I agree RE: a bracelet. This watch is on a crocodile strap, it was the lug that was scratched. Thanks for the recommendation RE: having it polished out. The scratch is nearly visible without a loupe so it shouldn't be an issue to buff out. I might even give it a go with a cape cod cloth. Thanks MrR
Would be a great look with a standard collar MrR
Not necessarliy the toggle back kent as this piece of the cufflink had no contact with the case of the watch. I am referring to the shank connecting the "face/head" of the cufflink to the toggle back. In other words, the part of the cufflink that is seen/exposed when you separate the actual cuffs they are holding together. Does that make any sense at all? MrR
Poor Bob would turn in his grave if he saw that pig hosting Price is Right MrR
I use a Visconti Van Gogh Maxi when I am writing session notes at home. For a 200$ pen it is really an excellent value MrR
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