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Hotdog. Though I'd like to give you my money now (edit: but I will wait).
Everything (darn near) has a mark through...so nothing is returnable? Can we work something out? So gun shy on Vass now.
FYSA: Placed an order for two shirts on 16 May and they arrived on 6 June. None too shabby.
Are the insoles on the Sneaker suede dark brown removeable?
Tempting huh? It just put in a lower low and a lower high (apparently) so DANGER. If it breaks the 50d SMA then support at 55 but don't go catching falling knives!
Please rein in the shoulder widths on the jackets. The Caine / Weller were awesome at 38R = 17" shoulders!
Thanks for all the inquiries, these are now sold
Thanks Beav
Someone should buy my shoes.
TWI is another dog. Major gap down 7 days ago means a lot of resistance. Forming a basing pattern so there is upside potential, but only for short term. This could get quickly overbought. Looks like a better buy closer to 19
New Posts  All Forums: