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reverso, no question!
I picked up a pair of Ralph Lauren Polo Sport lounge pants (essentially the same cut as sweat pants, with zippered ankles) at a Neiman Marcus clearance --100% Cashmere, AMAZING.
well done-- an excellent example.
I picked up this Charles Tyrwhitt on ebay this afternoon-- I had a coupon code, so the tie ended up being 55.00 total including shipping. (not sure if this was a good deal or not, just liked the tie). Here I am thinking the magenta will punch up both gray and blue suits. Any thoughts?
You might want to try one of the disposable blade straight razors-- Being profoundly lazy, I switched from a standard straight razor/strop combination a couple years ago-- no more honing, just toss the blade and insert a new one... Try a google search for: "Dovo"
J. Peterman's 1903-- One of the only really GOOD things I ever acquired from there, been wearing it everyday for about 10 years.
D'oh! Almost my size...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Why not? Once you take away the vest, what's to distinguish it from a two-piece? That was my very question... I wanted to make sure there was no difference in the cut that would make the 3 piece look odd without the vest...
Looking for a little input-- the tailor I use in Thailand is coming to the US this month, and Ive made an appointment to get fully measured-- which of course means there is no way I will be able to resist placing an order for some new suits.. Right now I am making do with the following: Gray Pinstripe 2 button Navy Pinstripe 2 button Black 3 button I am an attorney in private practice, and share my office space with exceedingly casual office mates-- it is RARE...
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