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ok, Ive decided on my next suit: Navy/Dark Blue Three Piece SB, 3BTN 2 roll Peak lapels Fully canvassed Slim fitting Ticket pocket possibly roped shoulders and a few other minor details... I was going to go with Ravi, but after finding this forum, Im more than a little hesitant... Any suggestions about who would be a good choice? Im willing to go $800-1000 or so, if the quality is there. Any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Quote: Originally Posted by drducky you could also say you have a hot date at some swanky place to jutify the suit if it's typcially too out of place +1
Ive had great luck with ebay-- tweeds seem to largely go unnoticed by people, and you can pick up steals. You can also search by size, so you do not have to wade through all the dross to get to the 36s'
thanks-- I already have Burgundy, I just want to avoid simple brown-- Im looking for something with tonal depth...
I would email the seller and describe the issues with the blazer first-- Ive found that often they are willing to refund a enough of the selling price to make it well worth it. If they arent willing to do that, Id ask about returning it-- Ive bought and sold a ton of stuff on ebay over the last 10 years-- I have over 100% positive feedback (over 1000)-- the few times Ive had a buyer have a legitimate issue, Im more than willing to refund/return. Last resort? Leave...
Im looking at some AE oxfords in Chestnut-- would this color work as an all-around brown-- with grays, blues, and earth tones?
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone "Taint" Beautiful. I laughed out loud in my office with enough volume that I drew looks...
I have a fairly easy question-- I am going in Friday to be measured for an MTM suit. My concern at this point is that I have put on some extra weight, essentially only on my waist. We are talking 10 pounds at most, but enough to bump me up from my normal 30/31 inch to a solid 32. I realize, you should NEVER buy a smaller piece of clothing with the intent of fitting into it later. My question is, if I go with my current measurements, and do drop back to my...
I completely understand-- my practice is in a predominately blue collar suburb of Detroit, and I watch very closely what I wear when dealing with clients. One of my colleagues often does depositions in jeans and a baseball cap-- when I first asked him about it, he has the perfect response-- "Ive made a career out of making people underestimate me..."
reverso, no question!
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