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I'm considering picking up a pair of summer/summer-ish shoes and would greatly appreciate opinions-- I'm thinking shoes to be worn with lighter color linen pants, white, ivory and possibly dove gray combined with a blazer, or with a khaki or dove gray suit. I have it narrowed down to the AE Strawfut in brown/linen, or Strand in Walnut. I already have a pair of AE Lauderdale in Chili. One of my questions is, how closely will I have to match the tone of the linen in the...
PM sent, Ill take #4 (The purple Etro)
+1 on the elbow patches, to my eye the pick-stitching looks overdone, and really heavy handed, obvious-- machine done maybe?
The suit, I mean...
PM sent , will take it!
This absurdly mild winter in the Detroit has gotten me thinking about spring, and after several months of non-purchasing, the dam broke...in a fairly substantial way-- I thought I would post this as an example (if only for newer members) of what can be done with pretty controlled expenditure. Through the B&S forum here, scouring for sales, the 'bay, and the Cladmen sale for the Eton pocket squares, I added to my spring wardrobe: 10 new shirts, 6 BB, 2 RLPL new with...
Ive had a couple of the John W. Nordstrom shirts, that were really nice-- MOP buttons, Egyptian cotton, ok stitching. They held up much better than I expected..
Ill take it, PM sent.
Again, thanks for the input. Given the expected high temp of 29F this Saturday, I think Im willing to forego some rules. Thinking the following: Gray Bookster Flannel jacket and pants Lavender(ish) Royal oxford button down/ or standard light blue royal oxford button down Darker purple sweater brogue boots no tie.
Thanks, opinions greatly appreciated.
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