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Just ordered a pair of Herring "Henley" model spectators for this coming summer-- initially I was trying to decide between these and the AE Strawfut, with the styling and the chestnut color finally tipping the scale to the Herrings. Pics HERE Any thoughts on these with jeans and a linen jacket?
Great Brooks Brothers gray lambswool cardigan, size small. Leather buttons, great details, medium to heavy weight. Asking $60.00 shipped in the CONUS.
FS: Several pairs of great condition shoes, all 7.5D 1. Pal Zileri heavily pebble grained brogues, barely worn, size 7.5D, the feel a touch larger to me, so I would guess between a 7.5 and 8. Asking $50.00 plus shipping in the CONUS. 2. Allen Edmonds Easton, size 7.5 D, nicely burnished, I do not know the AE color name. nice and sleek, again, barely worn. SOLD plus shipping in the CONUS. 3. Allen Edmonds Byron in Chili, size 7.5D, beautiful condition, asking SOLD plus...
I'm considering picking up a pair of summer/summer-ish shoes and would greatly appreciate opinions-- I'm thinking shoes to be worn with lighter color linen pants, white, ivory and possibly dove gray combined with a blazer, or with a khaki or dove gray suit. I have it narrowed down to the AE Strawfut in brown/linen, or Strand in Walnut. I already have a pair of AE Lauderdale in Chili. One of my questions is, how closely will I have to match the tone of the linen in the...
PM sent, Ill take #4 (The purple Etro)
+1 on the elbow patches, to my eye the pick-stitching looks overdone, and really heavy handed, obvious-- machine done maybe?
The suit, I mean...
PM sent , will take it!
This absurdly mild winter in the Detroit has gotten me thinking about spring, and after several months of non-purchasing, the dam broke...in a fairly substantial way-- I thought I would post this as an example (if only for newer members) of what can be done with pretty controlled expenditure. Through the B&S forum here, scouring for sales, the 'bay, and the Cladmen sale for the Eton pocket squares, I added to my spring wardrobe: 10 new shirts, 6 BB, 2 RLPL new with...
Ive had a couple of the John W. Nordstrom shirts, that were really nice-- MOP buttons, Egyptian cotton, ok stitching. They held up much better than I expected..
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