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As I am starting to get my fall wardrobe ready, I'm really feeling the urge to pare down a bit. I wear a suit 3 times per week on average, and have about 30 suits in the wardrobe. I am realizing there are 5 suits that get heavy rotation, about 20 that get worn less frequently, and about 5 that I haven't worn in over a year. Granted there are 3-5 that are strictly summer, and another 3-5 that are strictly fall/winter. Similar situation with odd jackets and sweaters-- I'm...
Title says it, looking for DB suits in 38s. My preference would be as close as possible to the following measurements: Jacket Length, BOC: 28.5 Chest: 41 Shoulders: 17.5/18 Sleeve: 23.5 Pants Waist: 32 Inseam: 29
Amazing older Banana Republic leather pea coat in dark brown. Slightly distressed. Not exactly a pea coat, I believe it is patterned after a U-Boat Commanders leather jacket. Size S, fits me (38s) Originally priced at $695.00 Asking $150.00/ OBO shipped and paypaled in the CONUS Measurements: Length (BOC): 31 Chest: 21 Sleeve: 23.75 Shoulder: 18
Lot of 3 great ties 1. Breuer yellow, dark and light blue repp tie, 59 inches 2. Charvet silver/gray tie, stunning, 57 inches 3. Sam Hober grenadine tie in light blue, 56 inches. Asking $115.00 for all three together, shipped and paypaled in the CONUS
Just in time for fall, clearing out some great stuff: 1. Brooks Brothers 1818 Regent Saxxon suit, 2 button, single breast peaked lapels. Navy with fine lighter blue pinstriping. Dual vents. 38s. Absolutely beautiful condition. Jacket Length BOC: 29.5 Chest: 20.5 Shoulder: 18 Sleeve:23 with 2 to let out Pants waist: 16.5 Inseam: 28 with 1 to let out Asking 200.00 shipped and playpaled in the CONUS 2. Brooks Brothers 1818 Madison Glen Plaid 3 piece, glen plaid with...
6. Vintage Polo RL HEAVY wool shawl collar sweater, marked 42, I think it fits more like a 40 Chest: 21 Length: 27 Shoulder: 18 Sleeve: 24.5 Asking 70.00 shipped in the CONUS
NWT Polo RL cotton/linen safari jacket, size S Chest: 20 Shoulder: 19 Length: 27 Sleeve: 26 Tagged at $318.00, asking 120.00 shipped in the CONUS
FS: 1. Hickey Freeman dark olive green with overcheck odd jacket, 3 patch pockets, 3 button, no vent, made in Italy. 38s, actual: Chest: 20.5 Shoulder: 18 Length BOC: 29 Sleeve: 24 Asking 85.00 shipped in the CONUS 2. Brooks Brothers Madison 1818 gray nailhead suit, 38s. 2 button, center vent, beautiful condition. (pants not pictured, but ARE included) Chest: 20.75 Shoulder: 18 Length BOC: 29 Sleeve: 23.75 Pants waist: 32 (with 2 to let out) Inseam: 28...
Thinking about a pair of olive/green shoes for fall. Outside the office, I generally wear jeans, earth tones, grays, lots of sweaters or odd jackets. Trying to decide between the AE Neumoks and Clark's in olive. Any thoughts regarding versatility, or general impressions would be greatly appreciated.
Rare Alpha Industries update of the M1951 Pattern field jacket-- has all the 1951 hallmarks--collar, buttons, etc, with an added zipper for functionality. Comes with button-in liner. It is marked "M", but the length and sleeves definitely seem more short. $65.00 shipped in the CONUS.
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