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Quote: Originally Posted by Irishinbos A lack of response doesnt look good - however, look on the bright side. You still have the suit. Now if you were the winner of the auction and the seller didnt actually possess the item, which happens all too often then that is a pickle. Plus side - the person may be away since its holiday season. I was in Italy for two weeks and had no access to the Internet. When I tried to use an Internet cafe, you have to submit...
Quote: Originally Posted by benjaminarnold i can't think of a witty sarcastic thing to say here, so i guess i'll just say "yep" The witty comment was already taken: Quote: Originally Posted by j Would the purple and green please raise their hands.
I really like the kanye verse in "I put on". I think it makes the song so much better or maybe I am just too much of a kanye fanboy.
Question that is pretty much the opposite of the OP, can you downsize the waist an inch or two by tailoring it?
Quote: Originally Posted by onion Excuse me for being a noob, but why is the leather aged for 40 years? Also any idea what is involved in that process? What else can you get made out of 40 year old aged leather? I am wondering the same thing. But I must say that the watch is nice I have seen people comment on it being to big etc... but I think it looks great.
The watch went for 30? Psht should have made an offer earlier.
I haved decided to keep my biased views to myself. I am sure that I will not make friends with any of you if I keep this up . Let's try not to mention Paul Pierce's flaws again.
Met Ken Griffey Jr. at a reastaurant in Phoenix. There are others that I cant recall at the moment. Actually remember driving along side Kurt Thomas after a suns game. He had a nice Bentley
Yup that "Batman Voice" he uses is rather annoying and too exagerated in my opinion.
I am 6'3" and I can wear 34" inseam or 36". I think the perfect inseam for me is 35ish. Also two of my jeans both of 34" inseam yet one is too long and one is too short(Never measured with tapemeasure).
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