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Yup agree with Connemara. Just like you can't say who the best guitarist was etc.. Some have creativity some have speed some combine both and the list goes on...
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty New Fugees. Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa Massive Attack's Weather Underground. Whatever the hell else was coming from Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros. +1 for both. Too bad most people dont know much about Joe Strummer after the clash since he really made some great music.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel We've seen your pics, Casper. I do not like Kanye, but I will admit that for the most part, he makes the remixes that he is on better. Unlike Jay Z, who pretty much ruins any remix he goes on, and has been ruining for about 2 years now. The guests will probably be his USDA croonies. I like rap but will say that most live rap shows suck, few guys take the time and effort to put on a good live show. Keep in...
I am guessing these two were no good? I was thinking about seeing pinapple express this weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by winston You are almost certainly wearing your pants too long. Yup I am 6'3" and wear a 34 or 36 inseam so if you're 5'5" and wearing similar lengths I think your wearing way too long of a inseam. But it is personal preferance so doesn't better.
If price is the same in the end I dont see why it would matter. But for you I believe it is best to have a higher discount since when most people shop(myself included) they do not look at the shipping cost, they see the price of the item and that is what makes them decided where to buy from. I personally dont even look at the shipping cost until I am checking out unless it makes the total a ridiculous number.
Entourage anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I think that Mauro should bring me to NYC for a special FW09 "Styleforum" buy, if you guys trust my editing abilities. Actually, that would rock. It's been a long time since I got to write orders. You NYC folk have enough quality stores to shop at. How about upstate NY, Albany to be more specific . After all it is the capital.
How much you size down and how you want your jeans fit depends on how much to size down as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishinbos A lack of response doesnt look good - however, look on the bright side. You still have the suit. Now if you were the winner of the auction and the seller didnt actually possess the item, which happens all too often then that is a pickle. Plus side - the person may be away since its holiday season. I was in Italy for two weeks and had no access to the Internet. When I tried to use an Internet cafe, you have to submit...
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