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Quote: Originally Posted by adidassler dam why aren't these size 12?! Yup I saw this post when he first posted it and had it been size 12 they would be mine
Ya heard about this yesterday . Had a great voice and wrote some nice music. And just for the record he stopped being the voice of chef after the south park scientology episode as he found it offensive(it was his religion).
Quote: Originally Posted by onion (By the way, make sure to check out the Hall of Fades while you're there.) My jeans should be there in maybe 8 months . And to anyone interested in Andes jeans, I also got a pair last week and I love them. That is pretty much short version of Pollys rant
While were on the topic, Akon, in my opinion tries way to hard to seem "street". Just listen to the lyrics on gangester bop, I seriously lol when I heard it for the first time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Protip: Don't try to justify your style to real people by showing them a forum. That sort of thing normally comes off as very douchey, and you left yourself open to the pics of poorly dressed celebrities. A lot of people do have poor taste, and in their mind any random movie star trumps a well dressed person who isn't rich or famous. +1 You will get nothing but funny looks if you tell people you learn about...
Quote: Originally Posted by onion APC New Standards are "skinny" only when compared to jeans described as "Husky". Seriously there is nothing skinny about APC NS (unless you're obese I suppose). To say they are skinny means you are completely ignoring all skinny jeans in existence. If APC NS are "skinny", what are APC New Cure, Nudie Slim Kim, April 77's, Kill City's, Dior 17cm, etc? Anorexic jeans.
Alright Pinapple express was decent to me or even slightly less. I mean it had a few dumb laughs in there but the rest of the movie was terrible. I mean maybe if I chose to go to the movie after smoking I might have had a different opinion. Maybe in highschool when I thought all that stuff was cool, dont know. It wasn't terrible but failed to take the torch from Dazed and Confused as the next stoner movie.
What I have been doing with my jeans(Not APC) is spending an hour a day on treadmill/workout bike. Helping with stretching. Also slept in them and I noticed they changed noticabaly. It is defenitely hard adjustment since I have my pre-washed jeans that feel more comfortable right now. Just gotta go with the raws and get them there.
Get a summer job, it helps transition if you really are having that hard of a time grasping the idea of working.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I don't think the salary cap would end. Lebron would be foolish to try and do that for 1-3 years and then come back to the nba because soooo many teams are clearing salary cap room for the free agent class of melo/wade/bosh/lebron and some others that lebron will have a lot of options for a max salary then. If he waits a few years and then comes back, there will only be a few teams with the cap space to offer a max...
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