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Quote: Originally Posted by djs488 I'm surprised to see so many KMW wearers -- even with rag&bone. What is the most popular fit, 1980? Ya I believe 1980 is very popular. The quality of KMW is very good and also they are supposed to have really good cuts. KMW 1980 was the first pair of raws I bought, too bad they did not fit so I had to re sell. I am surprised how many Ande Whall werarers are out there personally.
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog I think Mo Williams is a significant upgrade over West. While West is capable of putting up a huge game every now and then, Mo Williams is pretty consistent on a nightly basis. And he shoots a good percentage from the field. Cleveland doesn't really need a pure point guard, since Lebron likes to be the one who creates for his teammates. The Bucks are definitely worse off because of the deal, but I understand they...
Do some research and find out how much they stretch on average. Then make the decision from there. Also remember the tighter the jeans the more they will stretch.
Quote: Originally Posted by aging in rhythm I was under the impression that Indigo Palms was a sub brand of Tommy Bahama. It is. I guess I was thinking of somthing else when I typed that response.
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman Bingo. I haven't been a fan of Mike Brown since the 2007 playoffs. His only offensive play is "give the ball to LeBron and everyone watch". Of course, they could use a big, young horse inside, someone like Carlos Boozer, for example. I do think Mo Williams is an upgrade over Delonte West or anyone else the Cavs have at the point, so the trade is a good one for the Cavs I think with the trade they got...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I don't think it's his supporting cast's fault. I think they have the players. I think they need a coach Ya could be that too. Coaching is an area that is underrated and many times overrated. It all depends on the team and situation.
My jeans that are not on the list since they are "mall brand" : Mavi, Indigo Palms(Tommy Bahama)
Joe smith is pretty old so not a big deal that they got rid of him in my opinion. They lack any good offensive big man except for Z but he is just slow. They just added to another guard like the ones they already have. Only problem is that they are always streaky when it comes to scoring. But in my opinion if Wally and Delonte West play at the level the are capable of 90% of the time, then Mo Williams would be useless. Honestly I dont think the Cavs need anymore help...
Wow. Just wow...
+2 for Ande
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