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yup, My jeans are loosening up and I am starting to miss the stiff feeling
John Lennon. Really surprised that everyone is hating on the guy
Stevie Ray Vaughn Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Paige Santana Eddie Van Halen is overrated in my opinion. He is just extremely fast but no creativity.
Thanks, now just need to figure out what to monogram it with.
I would not be too interested in a new Guns n' Roses album since Slash will not be apart of the band... Axle is a douche
Quote: Originally Posted by mrjosh I'll post the measurements by tomorrow a.m. at the latest! As for the shoes - they're actually awesome. I bought them to wear at my wedding, but then we ended up having a daytime ceremony so I couldn't use them. There must be some more adventurous person who wants to wear them casually out there.... Ya, my comment was meant as a joke . I just can't help but be reminded of my high school whenever I see black...
Quote: Originally Posted by Southern-Nupe But TJ is still a big injury scare, I'm just not convinced the Bucks will make any true advances. True on both comments. The bucks are supposed to be in a rebuilding stage yet they traded for Richard Jefferson earlier who is peaked out and soon to be on the decline for their young top draft pick. Also Mo Williams was another young star they traded away.
Eww at the shoes, Reminds me of the days I went to a military high school
A pair of japanese denim that looses it indigo less quickly than some other brands or you could go with somthing on the cheaper side like APC or CM and just not worry about them. Also remember that washing jeans doesent mean you wont get fades etc.. Just that the contrast of the fades will be less because the overall jean color will because of indigo loss from washes. Also you could soak them or hand wash to get minimal indigo loss.
Quote: Originally Posted by djs488 I'm surprised to see so many KMW wearers -- even with rag&bone. What is the most popular fit, 1980? Ya I believe 1980 is very popular. The quality of KMW is very good and also they are supposed to have really good cuts. KMW 1980 was the first pair of raws I bought, too bad they did not fit so I had to re sell. I am surprised how many Ande Whall werarers are out there personally.
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