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Quote: Originally Posted by jaytix9 Also, if i'm a 32 waist what size should i get? i'm a nudies noob do they stretch much? They are supposed to stretch about an inch. So maybe one size down for you. If your waist is truly a 32 than go with a 31.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Really??? Just off the top of my head - for the denim geek: PPRS, 5EP, Ande Whall - for fit-obsessed hipsters: Acne, DH, and prob RRL Slim Fit - icon: APC Hmmm I am a denim geek after my first raw denim purchase.
For me it was by far Jack Blacks lines when he was strapped to a tree and offering the gay guy services if he let him go. I also enjoyed alot of Downey Jr's lines.
I left out two on my list: Eric Clapton and Slash. There are alot of good blues guitarists being named that are underrated since blues is not as popular as other genres such as classic rock. Although SRV definitely seems to be getting some attention
Quote: Originally Posted by Enigma89 Check your pms good sir! I do not believe sir was the appropriate term Also you can purchase right off the site.
A bunch of the player on the DT were out of their primes. The reason that recent teams have such trouble with international teams is because the international team have improved. There was no Pau Gasol, Yao etc... back in 92. Also most of the players no the RT are in their prime. I am not saying RT would win, just that it would be much closer than you all are saying. I would take the RT 4/3 in 7. Only reason the DT can compete is because of MJ.
Quote: Originally Posted by BubblyMasquerade you're looking at jt when jessica biel is in the picture? WTF ya sorry havent seen the vest yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by WN2 What are you guys doing in/with your jeans? My pair of APC NS is almost a year old, frequently worn and never washed. There's no noticeable dirt or smell present (I just double-checked 8) You would be surprised what some people do. For example saw pics of a guy on SuFu going paintballing in his $300 jeans. Personally not somthing I would do but hey his will be fading faster than mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Deacon If his hands are soft is he a faster Randy Moss? And taller. He has the perfect body for a WR, tall and lengthy and it also does help that he is the fastest man on the earth. If he has some hands and can take a hit, he would be the best wr in football.
With Hilary, I think it would be a landslide win for Obama. 75% of female voters would be voting for him.
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