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whats with people who have my waist always having 32ish inseam!!! frustrating.
Quote: Originally Posted by cshd yeah thats what i mean. inseam. Wouldnt hemming it mean that the knee part would be lower and I would look like a little kids in their dads jeans? I think it depends on the cut. For a straight leg jean it wont make a difference since the leg is even and you just take a little chunk of the bottom so it would serve the same purpose as cuffing. For a flared kinda jean like bootcut it might make it look...
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta there are times when i really hate this forum and this is one of them. on the second page of this thread i posted the mother of all guitar solos; the most beautiful, passionate, expressive, noble guitar music any of you cretins has ever heard, and yet, two posts later, pocketsquare posts this: It's just personal taste in music. It seems that you like latin/flamenco/classical guitar while others...
Quote: Originally Posted by erdawe Is this a serious question?.. Look how much Ralph Lauren gear he moves, including RRL. Look at his feedback and how many he has... that's about as good a reputation you can have on Ebay. Logically if these were fake people would have caught on my now and exposed him through feedback. I used to be into sports jersey's a while back and would buy them for half off on ebay. I once was scammed with a fake...
I dont see what is so special about them. They are just heavily distressed. This distressing could have been done by himself. Im sure that if you got another jean and distressed them like that they would look similar. Unless of course you are the same size and body type as him and you want it for the fit.
Check on mynudies or sufu maybe. I know he has same thread posted in both those forums. Judging by post count he is not regular SFer
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn John Lennon. What impressed me most was that he stuck by Yoko through all the bullshit people gave him over her. Whether or not she's ugly, a bad person, or whatever, it doesn't matter. He loved her and that's all that mattered to him. Sticking with one's true love rather than trading her in for a trophy wife, even after dealing with all the insults from the media gives him unlimited cool points and I'd have to...
Not gonna lie but back pocket is pretty ugly. I do like different colored thread though.
Ola's are supposed to be worse qualtiy than the rest of the Nudies. Apperently the denim is thinner. Look into some SDA's, I know they have a few bootcut fits.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson While that is good defense, I saw at least 4 instances in that 30 second clip alone that would be called fouls these days in the league. The league isn't the same at all. I never understood trying to compare players across eras. it's impossible! Yup I agree with this 100%. It is fun to just speculate though
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