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In my opinon these are really ugly, especially that sperm stain mentioned above. If you really want a pair of diesels you can find them on sale. I was in boston this past weekend and went to a small jean boutique(riccardis) and I got a pair of qurats for $50. The wash is nice but the fit isn't the greatest(at least knee down it is uber baggy). I just figured I would add it to my collection since I wanted a pair of washed jeans. The store also had some nudies at 40% off.
A scented t-shirt maybe but scented shoes? Who is going to smell my shoes? Like stated above, it will probably be a fad with young kids like the heelys are but nothing more.
Thanks alot! I went to the lacoste store in boston yesterday and wasn't too thrilled about the styles they had in stock and they weren't things I would pay retail for. Now that I know my size I got more options for half the price!
Ande Whall cougars Indigo palms Mavi Nudie bootcut ola Some diesels I got yesterday for $50 on sale So about 5. I am pretty sure I have another few hidden in my closet but they never see daylight. The indigo palms dont see the sun either unless I am doing laundry. But ya thats my collection
I am about a month into my first pair of raws and I question has really popped up: Is there and bad results from alternating between cuffing and not cuffing at the hem? I find that I like to switch it up with the jeans but will this make the hem area look rather akward after a year?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel You say this like it's a bad thing... Megan Fox's appeal isn't in her classiness, but her raw sexual appeal that is primal and probably more suited in a trailer park environment. You nailed it. +1
Every time I see pictures of Megan Fox it makes me reminisce of an opportunity I had with a model that look very similar to Megan Fox. Of course I was too drunk to make that go very far that night
Well I noticed there is a decent amount of guitar players on this forum so I thought it would be appropriate to ask here. I have been playing guitar for about 2 years(3 really but one year was long ago and is no longer valid). I have been playing acoustic these 2 years. I am looking of adding an electric to my collection and to expand my playing boundaries. My problem is I really don't have much knowledge in guitars really. I know the basics but not all the technical stuff...
I have an Ezekiel shirt I got from Marshalls a while ago. Honestly I dont wear it anymore since I really think the thing is ugly. I've moved from graphic shirts to plain color shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. ...just get it hem'd lol. It cost like 5 bucks <.< all selvage jeans have 32+ inseam... I wear 34/36 inseam. Hem it to make it bigger ?
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