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Heh, I have the exact same problem. I wear a ruby colored polo 5 days a week for the doctors office I am at. It gets old fast and I hate not being able to dress like others around me!
Just one thing to add to my post. In my opinion it is ok to wear a plain white T- shirt with no logo on it multiple days in a row. Just dont do it 5 days in a row. And if you do wear a white T a few days in a row make sure to change up the outfit with different accessories, bottoms and shoes.
Ok well umm generally it is not ok to wear the same thing everyday in college. Here is my general rule for what I can wear more than once: Pants/jeans/shorts can wear multiple days in a row but occasionally switch it up. As long as they are not too flashy than it is ok to wear multiple days in a row. Shirts: Basically my rule is that you cant wear the same shirt 2 days in a row unless your in a hurry and the shirt you wore the day before was barely used and barely...
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 A good watch. Men shouldnt wear jewelry. I disagree with the statement that all men shouldnt wear jewelry. If it is the right type of jewelry and with the right kind of outfit, jewelry can definitely add to the overall look. Look at Johnny Depp for example, he usually has an array of neckalaces around his neck. I agree that a nice watch is definitely important. I dont consdier wallets and phones...
I was looking at the 3 APC fits thy have at denimbaronline. All 3 of these seem to be tighter than a Nudie Regular Alf. Is this true? Basically what I am looking for is a Boot Cut Ola type fit but since I hear they are bad quality I am going to stay away from them. Any tips on a good fit from a certain brand? Also this would be my first pair of Raw Denim so I would like to stay away from a Japanese brand since they seem they are more for experienced raw denim users.
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