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Quote: Originally Posted by Crooow My legs aren't short, they are normal (and quite handsome). Your freakish stork legs, on the other hand, make small children cry when you pass them on the street. And sorry the Onis won't work out for you. Sorry I have to take TrueStory's side , you have freakishly small legs.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff or Mauro can ask J to change his handle to something else That wouldn't resolve the issue of past denimbar threads being confusing since denimbar is staying an affiliate from what I read. Anyways Good Luck.
Pretty much agree with Samblau 100%. I went to school in Arizona past 3 years so I kinda became a suns fan and I didn't mind seeing Barnes go to the Suns. I was really hoping they would get Magette or keep Posey but I guess that didn't happen. Quote: Originally Posted by thinman See my earlier post. Three phenomenal playoff series does not a career make. Yes, he's a great player who had the best playoffs I can remember. But the best player in the...
You can get 10% off at tobi. Thats about 140ish total price. At denimbar with the discount it was about 125 total. Also you could check out Mauros new store which he says will be opened in two weeks I beleive.
I think some of you are a little to critical of this movie and saying its unrealistic and rushed etc... The movie is a super hero move so how realistic is it supposed to be. Also if they did'nt rush some things the movie would have been too long. Anyways, am I the only one that is annoyed by how many people in the movie know that Bruce Wayne is Batman?
Quote: Originally Posted by jpeirpont LOL, Thin line between being a fan and being delusional. Peirce must first prove he is the best player on his team as he certainly isn't its leader. He is the only captain on the team. I mean sure KG is the motovational boost for the team but Pierce is the true leader. He has been with the celtics his entire career and deserves the title as well. And yes I am a biased fan. I said it from the start that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Omar1223 im shocked that anyone would agree with pierce's own statement. i mean before the playoffs this year he was barely an all star. now he is a legit all star but i can still name at least 10 players better than him. i mean come on he needs to look over his own shoulder, hes not even the best player in his own locker room. The reason he wasnt an all-star before the playoffs this year was because of the team...
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman Is Paul Pierce the best basketball player on the planet? I think not, but apparently he does: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/bal...?urn=nba,96670 He had one of the finest all-around playoffs I can remember, and I mean all three series, but he needs to display this kind of consistency all season long before he's mentioned in the same breath as Kobe, LeBron, KG, et al. Sorry, but I am going to have...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff not a trade , but i forsee Greg Oden as one of the all-time 1st Pick flops. i know he's injured and all but i dont think he will pan out all that great. I disagree =). I really dont see how he wont be at least decent.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrGimpy No one here has yet confessed to the ultimate sin: Probably the funniest picture I have seen in a while as well as the most pathetic. I bet there is someone here who has received a pair as a gift
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